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Back to Basics: Common-Sense Vehicle Security

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Back to Basics: Common-Sense Vehicle Security

nicolly moura

There is one rule when it comes to vehicle security: If a thief is determined enough, he will get what he wants. What we do for our customers is make it as difficult as possible for a thief to get what he wants, to the point where he will decide it’s easier to move on to another vehicle. 
But no matter how sophisticated a security system is, it can’t do the job alone. As drivers, we all need to employ some fundamental practices to make our cars unattractive to thieves. 
Here are some basics:
Lock your car. Sounds obvious, right? But it’s amazing how many times people leave their cars unlocked, leave a window rolled partially down or overlook closing the sunroof. 
Use a sun shade. Though they are known for protecting the dash and interior from sun, they also perform one more important function: They block up to 33 percent of the view inside the vehicle.
Park in view of busy areas. Thieves love the dark, and when it isn’t dark, they love privacy. Parking where there is a lot of pedestrian or vehicle traffic robs them of both. 
If you’re at a shopping center, park as close to cameras as possible. Cameras are there to protect the building, but that doesn’t mean they can’t deter thieves from your car, as well. If possible, park near a camera that is easy to see. Thieves will think twice before stealing in the spotlight.
Obscure the center console. Thieves who want to take a radio first need to evaluate if the radio is worth taking. If you place something in front of the radio, they can’t determine if it’s of any value or if they can get it out quickly enough.
Leave a couple of items on the seat. If your car is absolutely free of any items, thieves may assume you’ve placed everything in the trunk and start their attack in the back. Leave a sweater or book on the back seat. 
See who’s looking at you. Take a look around when you’re about to leave your car, especially if there are items you intend to leave in the passenger area or trunk. If someone is giving you a little too much attention, park somewhere else. 
And finally, arm your alarm! The best deterrent you can have is the “chirp” of an alarm when arming the system and the little red light that flashes every few seconds to tell people the vehicle is secured. Even in this society, where alarms are sometimes seen more as an annoyance than an asset, thieves hate noise and will more than likely pass on an obviously secured vehicle in favor of one that isn’t.